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Elephants, gorillas and… genital cutting? These are some of the attractions now available to tourists through the Ugandan Tourism Board (UTB).


Despite notoriously high HIV rates among the Bagisu people, western public health agencies are endorsing the Bagisu imbalu circumcision ceremonies as an HIV-preventive measure. International funding bodies are providing disposable knives and direct support in an attempt to medicalise the Bagisu blood rite.*


Remember Bugisu circumcision is the painful operations in the world that these men endure, it makes some to escape but they are searched and forcibly cut. AIDS is so high in Bugisu land thousands of them die of AIDS, circumcision has no value in HIV AIDS preventive. African should not be forgetful like warthog, if circumcised population is dying of AIDS why should whites push for VMMC.

Changaa and machetes: where few journalists dare to tread.

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*The World Health Organisation strongly condemns parallel initiation rituals for girls, as well as the medicalisation of female circumcision, “for example when parents ask health providers to conduct [it] because they think it will be less harmful.” See African Women Are Free to Choose (AWA-FC)’s 2009 statement on the West’s double-standard between men’s and women’s initiation rites.

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