Policy Analysis

Policy Analysis

Summary   What’s wrong with VMMC?

Clinical Analysis   Unsolved mysteries of the African circumcision trials

Scientific Analysis   Mucosal protection vs. circumcision

Sexology Analysis   Circumcision’s effects on sexuality

Racial Analysis   Lessons from Tuskegee

For a political analysis, we recommend Giami et al. (2015): Hybrid forum or network? The social and political construction of an international ‘technical consultation’: Male circumcision and HIV prevention.

[The VMMC network was] active in all phases of this process, ranging from studies of [VMMC’s] efficacy, feasibility and acceptability to its adoption and implementation. … There was no mention of the contradictory findings that had been published, nor of a scientific controversy.

From Ncayiyana (2012):

[T]he envisaged mass roll-out of a surgically invasive prophylactic intervention is without historical parallel, and it is only appropriate that the VMMC project is deliberated within the medical profession beyond the immediate circles of the panels and committees driving the initiative.